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2023 is off to a Great Start!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 

What a great year 2022 was! We couldn't have done it without you. Through your support, Freedom Foundation of Texas reached new heights and we are so excited for what we have planned for 2023. 

January was a strong month for the Freedom Foundation of Texas with some of our highest engagement yet. Toward the end of 2022, we released our first video in conjunction with The Texas Center at Schreiner University targeting individuals who recently moved to Texas. The first video educated our new neighbors about taxes, and how Texas is so fortunate to not have an income tax. This video reached over 170,000 new Texans and was viewed more than 1.25 million times! 

Just last week, we launched our second educational video with the Texas Center on the history of immigration in Texas. Issues with illegal immigration is not a new conversation and our video explains how this first started--which dates back further than you probably thought! 

Thank you for making the start of 2023 so great and we look forward to all we will accomplish together.

Did you know that by donating just $50 can help educate 2,500 of your new neighbors? Your investment makes a difference! Please join the fight for freedom; we need your support to continue educating Texans on what freedom is, why it matters, and what happens if you lose it! To support freedom, click on this link

Thank you, 


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