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The Freedom Foundation of Texas has the sole purpose of empowering and educating Texans and Americans about the fundamental importance of freedom and the potential consequences of its erosion. 

Our aim is to spotlight those who champion our liberties and those who do not, fostering a society that actively defends and preserves the freedoms that define our nation.

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Our Purpose

Together, we stand as guardians of liberty, ensuring that the flame of freedom burns brightly for generations to come. If we do not fight for freedom, our children will not be free to choose their own destiny.

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The problem

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An uninformed youth has resulted in corrupted minds that do not value or understand the benefits of freedom or the consequences of losing it! President Ronald Reagan warned that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. If we fail to act now, we run the risk of history being rewritten and our freedoms slipping away. If Texans are not educated on the importance of maintaining freedom, we will decline into a state of government control, where our children will not be free to choose their own destiny.

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Communism or Freedom?

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By 2024, we will target and educate more than 500,000 citizens, ensuring a 50% retention rate of the core tenets of freedom.

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We are dedicated to delivering compelling messages that underscore the inherent value of freedom while highlighting the stark repercussions that the loss of these freedoms could inflict upon our own lives and the well-being of generations to come. 


We will execute a robust, year-round direct contact program, immersing citizens in substantive and enlightening content on the core tenets of freedoms.


We will provide comprehensive training to school board members, empowering them with the skills and objectives aligned with our vision to enhance student education, ensuring that our children enter the world equipped with a profound understanding of freedom.


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Utilizing an eight-step educational program that focuses on an excellent mail and door-to-door contact program, our goal is to effectively and directly connect Texans to fact-based materials on the core tenets of freedom.

5,016,000 total contacts

622,000 individuals educated

$5.42 per person

$.067 per contact


Proven Success

Over 150,000 individuals reached through 2022

Content seen 3,000,000+ times

Committed partnership with The Texas Center at Schreiner Universtity

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