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2023 Articles

ICYMI: 'Use It Or Lose It' Bill Passed By Senate
April 20, 2023 

Earlier this week the Texas Senate passed the "use it or lose it" voter bill which has the potential to remove registered voters from roll if they don't remain an active voter...

Economists Discuss What Casinos Would Bring To Texas
April 13, 2023 
With new conversations surrounding a Texas house bill that would legalize sports betting and casinos, economists are weighing in on how this would affect Texas...

TX Lege Struggling To Reach Compromise Over Property Taxes
April 6, 2023 
Earlier this year, Governor Greg Abbott called on Texas lawmakers to spend $15 billion to lower Texans' property taxes. Last week, Texas legislature struggled to...

Gov. Greg Abbott Continues Advocacy for Educational Opportunity
March 24, 2023 
On Tuesday, hundreds of Texans, led by Governor Greg Abbott, met at the state capital for "Parent Empowerment Day...

Should Federal Government Bail Out Banks?

March 16, 2023

The closure of three large banks sparked concern about the economy across America last week. Depositors at both Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank will see their money...

Do You Know The History Of Presidents Day?

February 20, 2023 

Yesterday our nation celebrated Presidents Day, but do you know why? The holiday was originally established to...

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