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Monday, June 12,  2023

Texas Legislature has gone into special session, hoping to reach a resolution for property tax relief. However, the chance that a resolution is sent to the governor by the end of session looks slim. The House adjourned sine die on May 30, and the Senate has shown no intent to back down. 

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has criticized the House for adjourning, arguing that there is work to be done. 

"The Senate continues to work and the House stays home," said Patrick.

Both the Senate's and the House's proposed plans would save landowners money on their property taxes. The disagreement begins with deciding whether homeowners or businesses deserve a larger tax break. This has not been an easy question to answer. 

The Senate, led by Patrick, argues for the homeowner, saying they are in greater need of relief. Their plan would provide a homestead exemption of $100,000. This greatly differs from the House plan where the surplus is spread across residential and commercial property owners rather than providing additional homestead exemption. 

Governor Greg Abbott has backed the House, hoping for the surplus to benefit all property owners, and that is exactly the type of bill he expects on his desk at the end of special session. Nonetheless, the Senate continues their push for boosted homestead exemption.

With the House adjourning, the Senate must make a decision on the House proposed bill, which mirrors the desires of Abbott. If they choose to adjourn, there would almost certainly be an additional special session. 

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