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By 2024, we will target and educate more than 500,000 citizens, ensuring a 50% retention rate of the core tenants of freedom

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We will deliver compelling messages on the values of freedom, and emphasize how losing freedom will have a negative and direct impact on our lives and the lives of our children.


We will run an aggressive, year-round direct contact program that inundates citizens with meaningful information about the core tenants of freedom.


We will train school board members on how to create specific, quantifiable, research based, and time-bound goals that support the vision to improve student outcomes.


We will supply textbooks and curriculum that present facts, not fiction, and that do not push biased ideologies on the minds of impressionable students.


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Utilizing an eight-step educational program that focuses on an excellent mail and door-to-door contact program, our goal is to effectively and directly connect Texans to fact-based materials on the core tenants of freedom.

5,016,000 total contacts

622,000 individuals educated

$5.42 per person

$.067 per contact


Proven Success

"I have witnessed the work of Chris and his dedication toward freedom since I began working with him in 2019. Chris developed and executed one of the largest grassroots ground games in Texas, achieving more than one million direct voter contacts exclusively through volunteer efforts. It would be difficult to find anyone in the Gulf Coast Region that has better local insight along with a plan to develop, implement, and execute an effective persuasion strategy to ensure freedom for the next generation. Knowing what he was able to do in one congressional district, I cannot wait to see what he will accomplish for an entire region."

Wesley Hunt Former Congressional Candidate, Texas’ 7th District

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