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Parents rally outside the capitol. Photo from Austin-American Statesman.

What Do You Think About SBOE's Latest Decision?

February 14, 2023

The Texas State Board of Education has had a change of heart. After previously declaring opposition for Education Savings Accounts in November 2022, the board, along with several newly elected members, urged Texas legislature to adapt programs that encourage school choice. 

"If you want school choice, you're not an enemy to public education," said the newly-elected board member, LJ Francis. "Parents want the ability to choose if they want to send their child to another school."

Some have referred to the attempts to accept school choice options as a "pet-project of the far-right Texas Republicans." Others believe school choice to be all about finding the "best match for their children."  

So, what is it? Is providing education options a pet project or a true attempt to do what's best for each child? 

Your opinion matters, and we want to hear your thoughts! Click this link and take our brief survey. We appreciate you and your time!

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